What Cheap Skate Shoes Should You Choose?

In this article, I will share some tips and ideas on how and what to buy when it comes to skate shoes. I hope everyone who is reading this would have a better decision in choosing especially the mothers out there who will buy for their children.

A personal favorite of mine is the NSS N-Paisley. This cheap skate shoe is a practical choice for everyone out there. These shoes are great for those skaters who are just beginning. It is a mid range kind that does not have striking appearance but it is very durable. It really got a strong hold with the ground. It is a triple stitched one and is very light which an important thing for the starters is because it does not have the unwanted weight. The drawbacks for me would be the thick cap and the thin side panel but can be considered if you really are a beginner.

America Reynolds 2 is a bit expensive than the first one. It is actually suitable for serious skaters because of the quality it has to offer. It has triple stitching and has a lot of layers of leather that gives the feet the comfort it needs. The tongue and the heel are also padded. I also love the design because it is classy and will never go out of style.

A great choice of cheap skate shoes is the Vans Rowley XL2s. I think out of all the brands out there, this one actually caught my eyes when it comes to the design. When you look at it, you would actually see what I mean. It is so light when you wear it that gives the comfort to the feet but still is protected. The upper part of it is padded and the heel is thick. The tongue is very strong.

The DC Griffin – Collin McKay Signature Skate Shoe has the new revolution. This brand is the most durable one out in the market because it is combined with triple stitching that goes all the way to the toe caps and it is called super suede. This one is worth to buy because it is the only brand in the market that has the super suede material.

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