What Can I Expect From Alcohol Treatment?

There can often be unrealistic expectations of treatment centres by families who have nowhere else to turn. Although it can be effective in many cases, there is in fact only a small percentage that manage to remain sober for a year after treatment.

A chronic medical condition is a valid analogy of alcoholism and removing the substance form the body is merely a springboard to a full solution. Counselling has a vital role to play along with detox for both the mind and the body. Needless to say, alcohol is not allowed whilst undergoing treatment. The intention if the patient to make a recovery is key and if he is less than willing, it makes it both more difficult and likely, longer. Even when exposed to alcohol, he has to show a degree of discipline.

A patient can relapse and it would be a mistake to be over-alarmed at such an occurrence. It is, in fact, in no way unusual. It would be an issue if it was a constant relapse but just once or perhaps occasionally doesn’t mean that the patient won’t ultimately make a recovery. Treatment can be a long, drawn-out process but a necessary one all the same. The patient needs to rebuild himself both mentally and physically.

A relapse can be considered to be a milestone and can provide the treatment centre an opportunity to re-establish with the patient, the purpose of the treatment and what they are looking to gain from it. His family and friends would be most beneficial in such an instance to offer thir support. A therapist could certainly have a role to play here too. One major advantage of the patient being shown this level of support is that he can see that he doesn’t have to fight this battle alone.

There are many patients whom are hell-bent on beating their addiction. These are the ones whom are not only the easiest to deal with but have the best chance of making it. They may still relapse, of course and require an eye to be watched over them. They don’t need to be in a situation where they can never drink again but do need to be in control in any situation where alcohol is present. There will be some who fail to show any indication of recovery but they must be treated the same as those who look like they just may make it. They must be given the belief that recovery is indeed an option.

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