What Can Be A Ring Enhancer And Why Are CZ Ring Guards Very Common?

Ring enhancers are wedding rings that are purposely designed to fit around your solitaire engagement ring. Its main objective is to enhance the beauty of the solitaire ring, by adding colored stones, diamonds, or ornate designs. The ring enhancer either takes the place of the wedding band on the finger, or is worn in addition to create a complete bridal set. Most people buy ring enhancers as a way to “dress up” their solitaire ring. Since an enhancer is easily taken on and off and does not damage the solitaire, it’s a great way to add a lot of sparkle to your engagement ring, giving you a stunning, yet low cost bridal wedding set. Traditionally there are two kinds of ring enhancers: ring guards (also referred to as ring inserts) and ring wraps. Once of the most common type of ring guards is the CZ Ring Guard which will be discussed in more detail.

A ring wrap does exactly as the name suggests, and “wraps” around the middle stone of the engagement ring. It’s a single band, which fits up against your engagement ring, and has stones or metal which “hug” your middle diamond. As soon as you spot the ring wrap on your finger next in your solitaire engagement ring, it gives the illusion of being one ring.

A ring guard or ring insert, on the other hand, is a double band held together by bars on the bottom of the shank. The solitaire engagement ring fits snugly into the middle of the ring insert/ring guard. In this style of enhancer, the center stone is completely surrounded by either metal or stones. Essentially, the ring guard envelops the solitaire. The look achieved by using the insert is a complete bridal set.

At this point, you may possibly be wondering why so many persons adore ring enhancers. There are lots of motives to pick an enhancer. Here are a number of:

1. Upgrade. The most popular reason is to “upgrade” your simple solitaire ring. Buying an inexpensive diamond engagement ring is not easy. At the time of such a significant purchase, it’s possible that funds were not available to buy a more ornate or larger ring due to budget. Eventually, some people want to get a “bigger” look, but do not want to actually remount their solitaire. Choosing an enhancer is a great way to get a bigger or even just a different look, without having to make any change or damage to your original engagement ring. For sentimental reasons, most people prefer to add onto their original rather than change it. The ring enhancer is a perfect solution in that scenario. CZ Ring Guards are an inexpensive way to achieve the upgrade look.

1. Heirloom engagement ring. If your engagement ring is an heirloom or is something sentimental for any other purpose, then taking the diamond out and applying it in yet another engagement ring is out of the question. A ring enhancer could be the ideal solution since it changes the glimpse of the easy solitaire without making any permanent changes to it.

1. Fashion is another reason why many women love enhancers. You can buy a few inexpensive ring wraps or ring guards and change them every day. Essentially, you can have a different look for every day of the week. If you throw in a few colored stones, then you can start matching your enhancer to your favorite purse or outfit. It’s a matter of finding ring enhancers that you love. The possibilities are endless. CZ Ring Guards are inexpensive, so you can buy a few varieties and switch them out depending on what fashion mood you are in.

1. Given that the engagement ring can be a very sentimental piece of bridal jewelry, protecting it from destruction is high about the list of priorities. Ring guards are an incredible way to protect your investment. Since the ring guard envelopes your engagement ring, it primarily protects it from hazards like chipping your center stone, twisting prongs, and numerous other dangers.

1. Achieving the forever popular three stone look. Anybody that has looked through popular wedding rings or anniversary rings has come across three stone rings. Perhaps when purchasing your engagement ring, the three stone look was not affordable. When purchasing your enhancer, you can choose one which will give you the three stone look, giving you an affordable bridal set. Essentially, you will want to choose ring wraps with one stone on each side of the center diamond. When put together, the final effect will be a dazzling three stone wedding ring.

Now that you know why a ring enhancer is a great piece of bridal jewelry, here are some tips and things to keep in mind when purchasing your ring enhancer:

1. Keeping sizes proportionate. You need to preserve the size in the center stone in thoughts when choosing your enhancer. For example, if you have a 2 carat engagement ring, then obtaining an enhancer with small diamond chips won’t look appropriate. Ultimately, should you mismatch sizes, then the enhancer won’t compliment your solitaire engagement ring. One more example that shows the importance of keeping sizes proportionate may be the 3 stone ring scenario. If your engagement ring has a 1 carat middle stone and you wish to attain the conventional 3 stone ring glimpse, then deciding on a ring rap with two 1/10 carat diamonds is not going to seem perfect. Also, the size of one’s center stone will impact how your ring enhancer will fit with your solitaire. Most jewelers are capable to adjust the enhancer to match your solitaire, but not if the mismatch is extreme.

2. Shape matching. The crucial thing to keep in mind with shape is that your if your ring enhancer has a subtle contour to it, then it will fit with a round center stone much more easily, where as pointed ring enhancers are a much better fit for pear shaped or marquise centers. It’s also important to remember that most jewelers can tweak your enhancer to fit your engagement ring. 3. Metal kinds. There is no rule that requires your engagement ring and enhancer need to be identical metal. You should consider though that having exactly the same metal means that the two will put on far more or less exactly the same. In case you opt for to mix metals (platinum next to gold), you may have distinct wear for every single ring. Also, getting repairs done for instance sizing and adjustments might be a challenge if they’re different metals. 4. Soldering rings together. Should you put on your ring enhancer being a wedding ring or anniversary ring, meaning that you just put on it daily with your solitaire engagement ring, then you may wish to look at soldering the two rings together. This ensures that they are often match with each other perfectly and you don’t must go via the hassle of lining them up or re-inserting. The down side to that’s which you won’t be able to take the enhancer on and off easily. 5. Color!!!! Yet another large aspect to keep in mind when seeking at enhancers may be the color element. A major trend in jewelry is colored stones. You’ll be able to effortlessly take your conventional solitaire engagement ring and match it up to an enhancer with colored stones to acquire a unique look. Also, remember that substituting colored stones for diamonds is a terrific way to have inexpensive bridal jewelry. You are able to simply cut the price of your enhancer substantially by replacing a couple of diamonds with colored stones.

There are lots of alternatives to remember when seeking at ring enhancers, ring wraps or ring guards. One of probably the most typical options are the CZ Ring Guards for the factors stated above.

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