What Are The Top 3 Locations In Nile River Cruise?

River Nile, being the longest river in the world, is an exciting holiday location and it can be a part of the Nile River cruises holidays in Egypt. This is one of the finest ways to cover all Egypt’s main attractions in the shortest time. It passes through many of the prominent sites that are worth to visit.

Depending on the duration of your Egypt Nile cruise holidays you have opted for, the places that you see may vary. However, there are 3 main tourist attractions that are a part of all Nile River cruises. Let us take a quick look at those 3 attractions and the reasons for their popularity.

Abu Simbel is the first attraction that you must see.

Indeed, Abu Simbel is a part of all luxury Nile cruises. All inclusive holidays have this location as a part of their package. And, it is also offered by presidential Nile cruise, one of the oldest companies in this business. This is a World-Heritage site as designated by the UNESCO and is very sacred to the Egyptians. It is on the southernmost part of the cruise and is a worthwhile experience in the trip. When on the Nile cruise boats traveling from Aswan to Abu Simbel, there are stunning vistas to see that are really good looking.

Karnak Temple is the second place that you need to experience.

Another important site, which you should find in any 5 stars Nile Cruises, is the Karnak temple complex. It is one of the most religious sites for Egyptians. In fact, it is as important as the sphinx at Giza and the pyramids. In the near from the Karnak temple, there is one of the most famous temples at the site of the king of GODs, Amun.

This wonderful temple is a site that had the efforts of thousands of workers to complete and they needed long years to close this project successfully. This city was only covered around the middle of the 19th century when an excavation uncovered this underground city.

Valley of the Kings is the third attraction place that you must visit.

This is a site, which is very ancient and it is indeed of a huge attraction. The Valley of the Kings is a major site where you have the very famous tomb of Tutankhamun, the boy king. There, the hotel Nile palace Luxor is a location that is well known for offering luxurious holidays. You could also look at all inclusive holidays, which guarantee that your stay will be all the more memorable. Even, if you have last minute holidays to Egypt planned, you can nevertheless get cheap flights to Luxor.

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