What Are The Most Popular Automotive Upgrades?

We see them on the roads all the time, vehicles that have work done on them. We usually recognize these vehicles by their accessories like spinning rims or their custom paint jobs. To give these vehicles this new look, they undergo a process called customization. This service is offered at specialty shops across the country.

Exactly what to automotive specialty shops do? First, they are commonly called automotive upgrade shops and they don’t offer ordinary auto body or auto service. The work they do is very specialized and is done to alter the look or performance of an ordinary passenger vehicle. In this article we will look at exactly how and why they do this work.

The majority of automotive upgrades focus solely on the vehicle’s exterior, with the most common service being a custom paint job. You can think of a custom paint job as a tattoo for a car or truck. Customers can have nearly any decal or design painted on the vehicle. This option is very popular with young drivers who are looking for a way to personalize their vehicle in order to stand out from the crowd. It is also possible to put company logos on commercial vehicles.

But upgrades also focus on the interior of the vehicle. Most of these alterations have to do with entertainment options. For example, many drivers who are dissatisfied with a standard audio system will ask for a custom job. Custom audio systems offer more channels, more power and an overall better listening experience.

One of today’s most popular entertainment accessories are televisions. Many drivers are having flat screen television installed in the backseats of their vehicles. This option isn’t only popular with younger drivers. It seems like it’s most popular with larger family vehicles.

Why do families have them installed? Well, if you are taking a lengthy road trip with young children, you have to have something that will keep them occupied. Since the days of playing “I Spy” are long gone, an entertainment system in the back seat is ideal.

People that have gotten lost while on the road or those wanting to avoid this often have navigational systems installed in their vehicles. GPS units can give directions to any location that’s on a map. They are very affordable and can be quickly installed by an automotive upgrade specialist.

The last topic we would like to address is performance upgrades. As you might expect, these jobs are the most costly and time-consuming upgrades. Why do customers request them? Generally speaking, a performance upgrade will increase the top speed of your car or truck. No, they won’t transform your vehicle into a race car, but they can improve speeds by up to twenty percent.

There are a number of ways this is accomplished. Some of the most common automotive upgrades or accessories to improve a vehicles speed are nitrous oxide tanks, turbochargers, cat-back exhausts, superchargers, horsepower upgrades and ignition and fuel modifications. The cost for work like this may be tens of thousands of dollars.

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