Reincarnation And Past Life Regression

They say, only twenty five percent of people believe that reincarnation exists. This does not prove it does not exist. Have you ever felt inclined towards or perhaps realized you had the ability (talent) for something and wondered where that talent came from? You are, I am sure, what I am referring to. In our daily lives we sometimes feel a strong connection to something and can think of no reason for it. It could, perhaps, have been something in your past life that was important to you.

Many people, unfortunately, tend to overlook or ignore the possibility and its validity, therefore missing out on an opportunity to expand personally. Maybe even to find out why they are, who they are, today. By ignoring your past life information it would be easy to impede your personal growth and success achievements.

Extensive research into life regression has now become a tool to help emotionally disturbed people and is considered a very powerful tool in this arena.

The clearing and healing trauma, is a very common benefit of life regression. We have two choices when trauma happens and we can either try to change it of face it straight on. As we talk of life regression and of facing trauma, the option to rescue the past and help the individual (him or her) to continue to move ahead and get into a position where the trauma will be available for viewing by a higher self, as a whole.

We can also contact our creative sides with the help of past life regression. Everyone, without exception, has talents and abilities that can help with guidance throughout their lifetime and with choices they will have to deal with. Using past life regression to go back into past lives it is very possible to bring these attributes forward to help and guide us.

A past life regression can also help you rewrite a past-life contract. Karma is a wonder of a thing it always comes back to us. When it involves another person it can have something to do with a promise or an agreement that we made with that person in a past life. To free yourself from this agreement you can go back to that lifetime where you created the promise originally and you can decide, most often with the help of an Inner Guide, whether or not the is an atonement that can be done or if the contract can be modified to help you with a current situation.

A very significant benefit of going back to a past life through regression is the affirming and the grounding of ones self.

People who go back to a past life through past life regression want to feel more grounded and this is not uncommon and they also become more aware of themselves as a person. Its factual that they are now aware why they have some connections, desires, characteristics and talents. This information explains why they have these abilities and enables them to accept the situation, who they are and to live a more balanced life.

You can ask the experts in the field. They agree that if a person truly wants to enhance or improve their life then they need to practice past life regression. Past life regression will help you remember the lives you have had so that you can live a more fulfilled life this time.

Believe it or not, even if you think the events and feelings you have are simply figments of your imagination there is a catharsis that will take place and open your mind and breakdown the walls that are blocking you from achieving what you want in life.

To briefly recap the benefits of life regression include dealing with traumatic events from the past so that we can move forward in the present life. By dealing with issues from the past we are better equipped to make better decisions today because we can use the experiences we have had in the past.

Much like history, if you know history you are less likely to repeat history. This is true of the world and it is true of your personal life. If you know that in the past you were dishonest and you paid the price from being dishonest you can change your old habits to improve where you are today.

However, the most beneficial part of past life regression is the knowledge you will obtain. A better understanding who and what you are and the reason you are who you are. You have the opportunity to now live a more balanced and complete life today, in the present. You can now also live to your fullest potential utilizing all your talents, skills and abilities you had never known you possessed.

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