What Are Examples Of Affiliate Marketing?

You’ve probably bought something through an affiliate website without even realizing it, if you’ve purchased something online. Here’s a good example.

Mike decides that he needs a new credit card because the interest rates on his current cards are too high. So he goes to the Yahoo! Search Engine and does a search for “low interest credit cards.” He finds a site towards the top of the search results that compares several different credit cards. The site is called “Credit Card Comparison,” or CCC.

Mike reads them over and decides on the Discover Card that is featured on the site. CCC’s site happens to provide a direct link to Discover Card’s site. Mike clicks on that site and likes what he sees. He applies for the card.

What actually happened in the above scenario is that Mike landed on an affiliate site when he did a search for a credit card. The affiliate site provided valuable information that Mike wanted and so was redirected to the Discover site, where Mike applied for a card.

Mike didn’t care that Discover was able to trace what site actually brought him to the their site. Discover was well aware that CCC was the website that directed Mike to them, as they are able to track who does. Discover paid CCC a predetermined fee, maybe like $15, for sending Mike to their site.

CCC is a successful affilitate marketer because they were able to provide Mike with a valuable service. He was looking for a comparison of various low interest rate credit cards, and they were able to direct him to Discover’s website.

New affiliate marketers will benefit from the credit card industry as it offers many opportunities. The companies are willing to pay high commissions in order to get the business in what is a very competitive market.

A great example is also learned from American Express, who is willing to pay $100 for each credi card referral. So, doing the math – if you send a very low number of only 5 referrals, you still have the opportunity of making $182,500 just on American Express!

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