What A Toll Free Number Can Do For Your Business

Using a toll free number is an ideal way for businesses to encourage existing or prospective customers to call them. As the cost of the call is paid for by the business, people really have nothing to lose by calling it. Many people who might be interested in a product or service, but who are not totally convinced, can be turned into actual customers if a toll free number is advertised. Therefore, for the low cost of a phone call, a company can substantially increase the amount of business that they are bringing in.

Most types of businesses would benefit from a having a toll free telephone number, but for some in particular having one is an absolute must. For example, companies who mainly make sales through the internet or through catalog mailings, and companies who sell products or services that require follow-up assistance. A toll free number is also perfect for hiding the fact that your business is not located in an ‘undesirable’ area. Some people, for one reason or another, prefer not to make purchases from companies in certain areas, or even from ones that are outside of their state. By having a toll free number, there is no way for anyone tell where you are located.

Once you get a toll free number, you can keep that number for as long as you want. So long as you continue to pay the annual subscription free then the number remains your property. This is important because every time that you change your business phone number you lose customers because some past customers will have written down or saved your old number and if it no longer works then they will make the assumption that you are no longer operating anymore. With a toll free number, you can avoid that problem. You can even take the number with you if you move to a new city, even if that city is on the other side of the country.

Getting a toll free telephone number is not difficult, as there are lots of companies who offer the service. The good ones will take care of the whole process for you, from helping you choose the number to getting it to ring through to a phone of your choice (whether it be your cell phone, an office phone or something else). You will probably find that you will get the best deal by using a company who specialize in toll free numbers instead of asking your current phone company to set it up for you.

You have the freedom to choose whatever toll free number you like, so long as the first few digits have been reserved for toll free numbers (these digits vary from country to country, but common examples are 0800 and 800) and no-one else is already using it. You can even choose a special toll free number that also spells out a word, such as 0-800-NEW-CARS or 1-800-FLOWERS. These types of numbers are called vanity toll free numbers. They are a good investment because they make it very easy for customers to remember your number, even if they only get a quick look at it.

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