Stretch marks often appear when one gains weight and “overstretches” the skin, thus, creating tears on the dermis. Regardless if the cause of the marks are through pregnancy or weight gain; it leaves a stigma on anyone who wants a smooth and even skin. However, this is not limited to women only. Even men, who oftentimes spend their time body-building in the gym, also develop unsightly stretch marks when they suddenly lose weight.

Although they are permanent skin manifestations, in time, the purplish or reddish appearance slowly lightens and if you’re lucky enough, disappears completely.

But, if you can’t wait for that to happen, you have options to minimize the look of your stretch marks. Some alternatives can be a costly deal for you, but if you have the means, then go for it.

One option is laser treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment that is most effective when the marks are still in the early stages of development, that is, are still purplish or reddish in color. Laser targets specific skin areas only that have developed into stretch marks. They will appear lighter although sometimes, laser does not completely remove the stretch mark. Usually, four laser treatments are enough to restore your skin’s look. However, in severe cases, treatment can last from 6-8 treatments.

Another costly, but effective treatment is the use of Endermologie machines. These machines use rollers and gentle suctions that massage targeted areas to remove the stretch marks. Like laser treatments, you need a series of treatments to see results. Aside from stretch marks, Endermologie machines also treat cellulite-related problems.

If you have budget issues, a cheap alternative to removal is through the use of creams. There are a variety of over-the-counter remedies especially created for these types of concerns. Creams, as well as those prepared in lotion formulation, help reduce the appearance of the outer layer of the skin and remove dead cells. When old skin is exfoliated, new and healthy skin develop, thus, the skin becomes elastic and young-looking once again.

To maintain this appearance, it is advised to drink lots of water and apply cocoa butter or vitamin E on afflicted areas to prevent recurrence or emergence of stretch marks.

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