Most people, especially the first-time brides spend months planning their weddings, picking the gown, deciding on the cake and on the number of guests, and the right location. And when it comes to choosing wedding banquette venues, quite a few factors should be taken into account. Different people see their “best day” differently – some think of lavish weddings, with lots of guests and big ceremony, while others prefer smaller weddings, with only close relatives and friends. No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, there are wedding banquette venues out there, capable of accommodating any number of people and their owners are eager to work closely with the bride and groom, in order to meet their requirements and make their wishes come true.

The wedding banquette venues range from expensive hotels, exquisite banquet halls and upscale estates to small restaurants and historic houses that accommodate only a few dozen people. However, a small wedding banquet venue might be good enough for your big day. Before making your final choice, you need to compose a list of places that will be able to cater for the wedding type, the number of guests, the length of the event and the required facilities. The number of the guests will quickly eliminate the wedding banquet venues that are either too small or too big, but you should always account for some unexpected guests as well.

In most instances the wedding receptions and the ceremony afterwards last for a few hours, but different customs or preferences might call for weddings that last for more than one day. Make sure that the venue that you are looking at is available for the duration of the ceremony and there are no other events on the same day or a few hours earlier – there is nothing more nerve-wracking that having to rush a wedding ceremony. Wedding banquet venues offer various facilities and services that will help you make this day special; once you have made your choice between the traditional sit-down menu, buffet spread, cake and sweets, finger food, or anything else that you might have come up with, it is time to decide on the catering.

Some wedding banquet venues offer on-site catering, while for others you will have to engage the services of professional wedding caterers or simply do it yourself. If choosing a professional caterer or local restaurant, talk to them about all the costs involved, make sure that they completely understand your food ideas and that they are prepared to take care of some extra guests if they arrive. Keep in mind that there will be people that might not fancy the food that you have chosen, so allow some diversity that caters for different tastes.

With hundreds of wedding banquet venues, upscale or affordable, large or small, picking one isn’t an easy task: the most important thing to remember is to always start early – good venues are booked for up to 18 months in advance or even longer, and picking one in a hurry isn’t a very good idea. And once the big day has come, simply enjoy it and soak in every moment!

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