Wedding Anniversary Meanings

The celebration of specific materials in connection with specific wedding anniversaries meant something in every year and through the years to come.

As years goes on, modernization and business expansion seem to get more out of life. Thus, making way to new ideas and continuously add up to what those traditional anniversary symbols are.

Ever wonder why paper is associated with the first year anniversary? For unknown reasons of association, the interlocking fibers in a paper symbolizes the strength and endurance a couple has for their first adjustment of life together.

The second year anniversary is an additional year of spending time with each other. For some cultures, this is indeed a great deal, but many find it very common. Prosperity and stability signifies this year’s anniversary.

Crystal symbolizes the modern item for the third year anniversary. It means untainted great love that points out to the each other. Although the traditional material is not that romantic, leather implies durability.

A couple’s 4th wedding anniversary have lots of options to celebrate. The symbols, fruits or flowers or both, means a blooming and fertile life together. Geraniums as the anniversary’s flower, or the gemstone topaz can be an option for a present.

After 5 lasting years of marriage, wood and silverware are the traditional and modern symbols, respectively. The relevant flower is the daisy, which represents innocence and love.

On the tenth year anniversary, a couple’s life together already symbolizes how their marriage was able to sustain a long lasting relationship. Tin or aluminum or Daffodil or a diamond jewelry represents a lasting joyous relationship.

On the 15th anniversary, tin as the symbolic material of this milestone represents preservation and longevity. Crystal as the modern approach would signify a lot of meaning depending on the color tint. Clear crystal denotes insight and magic with one another.

The 20th wedding anniversary symbols say- I love you still and always will. The traditional China and the modern platinum ideas can be personalized with the gemstone Emerald, which in turn represents the preservation of love.

Anniversary celebrations began where weddings began. The practice of commemorating ones anniversary views back to ancient Germany, where only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries are being honored. From then on, social demands make way in celebrating every anniversary year with gift items, gemstones, and flowers as their symbols.

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