The first thing you see on a web site as it is loading and after it has loaded is color. Many web designers neglect this minor detail when designing a website. In fact, color should be the initial thing considered for a website design. It creates an overall appearance of your website design’s entirety. It could either make or break you as it is first impression. One should pay close attention to the site’s color scheme as it can direct to a plain and boring fade or an intricate chaotic design. Careful selection is essential.

As I have read in Scott Pamatat of’s article, the colors on the web browsers are limited to a 256 color scheme. It is even limited to a 216 color scheme as web browsers share only this much as all browsers don’t share the 256-color pallet.

Once you go beyond that 216 color scheme, you will be starting to use colors that aren’t recognized by your browser thus, inexistent. Although, the browser will try to come up with that color’s approximate color, known as dithering (okay, geek notes).

We use our sense of sight in viewing, making our website design a potential hazard. Our eyes can easily get tired and doze off when it sees a sudden change of colors and light as it is adapting. It gets mostly triggered and fix on strong, bright colors (e.g. yellow) hence, the hazard or caution sign is more on yellow. This gives you an idea not to make your visitor’s get irritated.

So in making a website design, always remember not to use bright colors on large scales but rather on small parts that you intend your readers to focus on. Better yet, minimize its usage. You can create a cool website design with the bright colors sparingly used and cool and relaxed color scheme be commenced. You’d be doing yourself a favor and your readers alike.

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