Ways To Stop Dreadful Snoring

Snoring troubles everyone, not only the one who has it. If the snorer sleeps in the same room as someone or other individuals, then it affects and annoys everybody who is within earshot.

The condition can lead to circulatory problems in the long run. Heart troubles and high blood pressure are just some of the problems snorers may face in the future. For his “victims,” they are likely to have an exhausting and irritating day-after.

Men make up most of the share of snorers, although there are women and a really small number of kids who also snore. The condition is likewise frequent among older people as their muscles deteriorate with age.

An easy way to cut down snoring is to sleep on your side to let more conducive air flow to your air passage. There are even those who find sleeping on their stomach helpful. But this solution is not permanent. Once you revert to sleeping on your back, your snoring returns as well.

Another prevention tip is to lift half of your mattress so your head and torso are a few inches higher than your lower body so that your tongue won’t fall back and obstruct your airways.

Keep away from drinking alcohol before you go to bed. Alcoholic drinks relax your throat, which produces your tongue to fall back and block your airways. Dairy products are also better avoided before bedtime because they can produce mucus that can form in your nose and throat.

There’s no easy way to put this, but to get rid of your snores, you should also extinguish your excess fats. Obese people are said to be more prone to snoring. Incidentally, studies also say that those who smoke are twice as likely to be snorers.

Snoring can also be worsened by some medicines like antihistamines and even sleeping pills. If possible, cut down your intake before going to sleep.

As a last resort, you can prefer to undergo surgery. Many snorers prefer to go under the knife after trying unsuccessfully each prevention tip available. But before rushing to your ENT doctor for the operation, ascertain first if you have sleep apnea. Snoring is a common indication of sleep apnea. So even if you eliminate your snores, you may still have a sleep disorder.

To achieve the straight sleep you’ve always dreamed of, confer with your ENT doctor what is the best cue for you. Always talk to your otolaryngologist for concerns.

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