Ways To Get Rid Of Body Hairs

Hair removal is part of a woman’s habit in her daily life. She can’t raise her arms if her underarms are not hairless. She also needs to wax or shave her arms and legs before wearing on sleeveless shirts and short skirts. Smiling isn’t also done without getting rid of unwanted hair as well.

Although hair removal is a typical female thing, there are men who likewise practice the same. There are those who feel that getting rid of excess facial and body hair makes them more attractive to females. Some remove excess hair because they find it more sanitary and comfortable.

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a practice that dates back to the old time. What advantages or aesthetic purposes they found in hair removal then is still true today.

There are several hair removal styles. One can prefer to depilate, the removal of the hair from above the skin surface, or epilate, the removal of the whole hair, including the roots, under the skin.

The most popular techniques by depilation are trimming, shaving, and applying depilatory creams, which break the protein bonds of the hair; thus, ripping it from above the skin. You can also opt to buff away the hair by using friction. Epilation ways include waxing, plucking, threading and sugaring. Although epilating is not pain-free, these hair removal techniques allow the hair longer time to grow back.

For those who are willing to pay more money, there are permanent ways of hair removal and reduction. Electrolysis permanently removes hair by utilizing electricity to a solid hair-thin metal probe that is slid into every hair follicle. This will cause localized damage to the follicles, which is responsible for generating hair.

A popular method used in hair reduction is laser hair removal. This technique utilizes laser to cause damage in the area that generates hair growth. Another way is the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, which is sometimes called Flashlamps. This one utilizes different wavelengths of light to remove hair and treat other skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation.

Each technique differs on effectiveness, price, convenience, and the duration of time the hair grows back. As each has its own advantages and disadvantages, always take extra caution each time you apply any of the aforesaid methods.

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