Ways On How You Can Buy Amazing Draperies And Still Save A Few Dollars

If you are looking for a set of cheap curtains to cover your windows, you may have to get use to the idea of going around many shops until you find the right set at the right price. This however does not always work and sometimes you end up settling for something that wasn’t your first choice.

It is not as though he curtains and blinds are that expensive really. It is possible to afford a decent set of designer brand curtains or blinds nowadays such as any Hunter Douglas window coverings range.

I can understand them being expensive if you decide to go for the blinds with the 2″ electric motor and remote control. It is obvious that these will cost more than any traditional blinds that you can find.

But you could always opt for the faux blinds if you really need to save some money. These are quite reasonably priced yet look like more expensive blinds.

Window coverings now come in wood and aluminum as well as the more traditional fabric. Fabric is still the most popular choice but having an option of wood and aluminum means that you can more closely match the window covering to the furniture if that is to your taste.

This is a very good way of making each room completely unique and different. You could place the fabric window coverings as usual in the bedrooms but opt for something more stylish such as wood or aluminum in the downstairs rooms.

But if you are set on finding that elusive set of curtains at a cheaper price how about doing it this way! You could always go to a store and let them know that you are undecided as to what exact style of window covering you fancy.

You may find that the owner will then let you take a set of curtains at a trial price. You then proceed to another store with the receipt and ask them to match the price. You may be surprised to learn that some stores will offer to sell you an entire set for that same price. Once you have purchased the set you can then take the trial set back to the original store and say that they were not the style that you wanted. You have now got the coverings you wanted at a nicely reduced price.

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