Ways Of Serving Potatoes – Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, also known as smashed potatoes, are just one of the many ways in which you can prepare and serve potatoes. Mashed potatoes can be made by boiling potatoes, baking potato and then mashing the soft potatoes with a fork, ricer or potato masher. Mashed potatoes can also be made from frozen or dehydrated mashed potatoes. Just add water and heat.

The type of potatoes that you use for mashed potatoes as certain potatoes are better than others. Typically the best types of potatoes to use are floury potatoes but if you want a different texture to your potatoes you have the option of using waxy potatoes. A lot of times other ingredients will be added to the potatoes, such as milk, butter, cream or vegetable oil to make them creamier.

Many people may also use different types of seasonings, such as rosemary, pesto, salt, garlic, bacon bits, cheese, mustard, onion, spices, wasabi, parsley and turnips. There is a French version of mashed potatoes that uses egg yolks in the mashed potatoes and then the potatoes are piped into rosettes and ribbons using a pastry tube.

Many times adding butter and cream can make mashed potatoes very fatten and high in calories. You can make a low calorie, low fat version of mashed potatoes by using soup stock or broth. You should be careful not to overcook the potatoes before mashing as this can cause the starch particles to break up and produce sticky and gooey potatoes that are more like glue. You can get more consistent potatoes by cooking them in small pieces instead of large chunks.

To easily incorporate any seasonings to your mashed potatoes you should first mash the potatoes and then mix in the other ingredients. This helps keep the starch molecules intake as broken starch molecules produce a gluey consistency. This is particularly of importance when using a mixer to make mashed potatoes. You also can ensure that the added ingredients are distributed evenly throughout the mashed potatoes.

Many times mashed potatoes are a side dish very often paired with steak or turkey. They are also am important dish normally prepared for Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes are also a major ingredient to many dishes such as Cornish pasties, pirogues, shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, potatoes croquettes, gnocchi, colcannon and dumplings. Mashed potatoes are also a part of pie and mash or bangers and mash.

Many people consider mashed potatoes to be a type of comfort food and it is an important part of the Thanksgiving holiday. Generally when preparing mashed potatoes you should allow for pound of potatoes per person. If you want the potatoes to maintain their white color you can add a bit of vinegar to the boiling water.

You can add a little bit of oil or butter to the boiling potatoes to ensure that they potatoes do not boil over. Another tip is to add warm milk instead of cold milk in order to create fluffy potatoes. You can also create every fluffy potatoes by adding a small amount of baking soda to the milk you are going to add to the potatoes.

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