Ways Of Controlling Bed Bugs Easily

Bedbugs are a real nuisance that have become more common in recent years. Here we’ll look at tips for controlling bed bugs. It’s important to realize they do appear even in clean homes, but you can get rid of them.

Check to make sure it’s actually bedbugs that are infecting your house. Many people don’t see them because they are great for hiding in cracks and crevices. They also hang out and nest in small holes in wood and in the seams of the mattress since they hate light.

When someone is bitten drops of blood may be left on the sheets. The area may not react at all or the person could end up with a red bump which appears several hours or even a day after the bite took place.

Bedbugs are very small. The adults get up to 5 mm in length when they have fed, but they shrivel up quite a bit. They are dark red in color and may leave little black droppings on walls and bedding. They feed on blood, from animals or humans, they aren’t too picky. In fact, these suckers can be found just about everywhere, in couches, carpets, and even outdoors. They like beds because they have people in them after dark and are easy to hide in.

Getting rid of these suckers is difficult sometimes. Over the years, they have become quite resistant to the chemicals used against them. If you buy a second hand mattress, it should be treated and covered. Sealing it in plastic can help.

You can spray affected areas with rubbing alcohol, if it hits the insects or their eggs directly it will kill them. This requires finding the nest in order to get them. You may need to disassemble the bed to do this.

Heat can also be used, but it requires temperatures of at least 45 degrees to kill these insects. The best way to treat a bed is through the use of a steam cleaner, which will heat the entire mattress. Clothing, blankets, etc. Should be put into a dryer for at least 20 minutes. Smaller items that are heatproof can be heated in the oven.

There are also traps that use heat and carbon dioxide to attract the bugs and catch them. These come in a range of styles and several price ranges. They can be used near infested areas and will attract the majority of the insects.

You can keep the bed bugs from coming back by eliminating nesting areas. This means getting rid of items near the bed where they can hide out. Double sided duct tape around furniture feet is also a good way to go. Vaseline is another good barrier method for bugs.

These ideas should help people with controlling bed bugs. They are making a comeback and if you find that these tips can’t get rid of them, look to a professional exterminator.

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