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2009-2010 seasons saw the completion of 18 completed seasons of the football premier league that started as a breakaway league from the football league in Europe. It was founded initially with a motive to capitalize the increasing inflow of monetary gains in the game.

The premier league is estimated to be the world’s most watched sporting league .it is also at the top of the English football system. No wonder it is thus the primary football contest of that country. Promotion and relegation is the basic principle governing the main operation of the league. It is like a corporation that has shareholders to the number of 20.

The Barclays bank so came to be known as the Barclay’s premier league sponsored it. There are 38 game in one season of the game and there are 10 total seasons taking the number of matches to 380 .the unique feature is that majority of games are played on weekends. With revenues extending to $3.15 billion it is one of the most lucrative league in football .it has emerged far ahead of Spain’s la Riga and Italy’s series A.

Out of the many clubs competing for the title arsenal, Blackburn rovers Chelsea and Manchester united are some which have won the title predominantly.2009-2010 title was won by Chelsea .the league changed its name from FA premier league to premier league in 2007. The corporate structure of the league consists of a chairman chief executive and board of directors who manage the operations of the league.

The football association also is a special shareholder and has veto power in election of key people in the league. Each club plays other clubs twice once each at each team’s home stadium. As the point system awards 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw the highest total calculated is used to crown the winner .

If there is a tie then either a goal difference or goals scored crowns a winner or there is a play off match at the end of the season. The 3 teams with lowest points are relegated to the football league championship. It is estimated that this league generates revenues of value estimated to be the fourth largest of any championship in the world. The average personal salaries are rarely disclosed in public. A major source of revenue of the league comes from the stadium attendance also.

Media especially television has been a vital promoter of the league since the revenues generated helped to maintain standard of the game both on and off the field. As the league moves on with time what was initially seen as a dominance of the big our clubs have been taken as a challenge by other clubs .it was quite evident in the latest season where the excitement extended to the last week of the league.Tune yourself with the latest updates in the premiership. If you love the game then watch football highlights with one of the best players on web.

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