Warcraft Formula- Important Information You Need To Know

There are so many different guides for World of Warcraft available for purchase and download. Some of these guides are just fluff and fillers. Others are good guides, but don’t get the regular updates that their authors have promised. Still others deliver the goods online and with great content, but they only cover a specific facet of the WoW world. For hardcore WoW players, this just isn’t enough. In steps Warcraft Formula.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend playing WoW. What matters is what you do with the hours you have. If you spend two hours fruitlessly grinding away to make 50 gold, then yes, you would need 12 hours a day to make any headway. However, if you use your time wisely you can become a top player without giving your life over to the game. Warcraft Formula helps you to use your server time wisely.

Johnson has discovered just about every trick out there for making gold through farming, professions, and the auction house. He has also written an e-book on the same subject. T. S. Sanders is the author of the PvP Bible and nearly unbeatable in the PvP arena. A little over a year ago these two giants decided to combine forces and create Warcraft Formula.

They have created a Fast Track Program to get you started on your account and then a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on all the latest patches, trends, techniques from the World of Warcraft.

The Fast Track Program is an amazing blueprint for setting up your character right. You will first learn the basics of playing within your class, including which profession to choose when you start out. You’ll also get great leveling tips so that you can reach 80 quickly, and without the expense of a specialized leveling guide.

You will learn how to make more gold than you think you will ever need, and make it not from spending your precious hours grinding away, but from picking the right crops and locations for your class. Tips are also there for the arena and the auction house. There are so many more tips that come in the Fast Track Program, they can’t all be mentioned in this limited space.

In addition to the monthly newsletter, you will also receive a Warcraft Formula Fast Track Program. This guide gives you the best blueprint for creating the ultimate account from scratch. If you start with a solid foundation there’s no telling how far you can go. The Program also gives tips for fast and easy account maintenance, perfect for people with not a lot of time to spare. Any dedicated WoW player will find Warcraft Formula to be a fantastic investment.

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