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There’s a new beverage on the market, created by a woman named Asma Ishaq. Her company is located in California and is called Jusuru International. The beverage is a juice blend containing something called BioCell Collagen II. This is supposed to maintain joint health and skin elasticity among other benefits. The company is offering membership to distribute the drink.

The type of distribution for Jusuru is called a multilevel marketing plan, or an MLM. There are many legitimate MLM plans out there for people to try to earn money with, and Jusuru seems to be one of them. The juice is stated to be backed by patented and scientific research and the company describes itself as being so sure of its product that the juice will sell itself.

As with any type of business, there are pros and cons associated with a multilevel marketing plan such as this one. Starting with the pros, it’s a good idea to learn about this kind of business before stepping into it. Researching the company and looking at its website is a good place to start. It seems that the cost of beginning your time with the company is around $140, which is a pro if you don’t have a lot of money for a business.

Working from home is another pro when choosing this type of business. Even the training can be done from your home, as the company does offer a tutorial and help with construction of your website. The online side of this business is the major portion. If you have good computer skills and your a stay-at-home parent, that’s a pro for you. The training doesn’t take long and you can start earning money right away, depending on how much time you can put into the business.

This juice company also has quite a few ways to earn your money. Included in these are; leadership pools, an enroller bonus, a fast start bonus and even a car bonus. If you enjoy work that has goals and rewards like these, you might enjoy the challenge. There are no limits to the amount of money you can earn, so if you are motivated and willing to work at it, there isn’t a cap to your earning potential. You also don’t have someone monitoring your every move, which is a pro to most people.

Cons, on the flip side, are also pretty numerable. There is not a large training program for a new individual. Jusuru offers pretty minimal training and then you are supposed to head out on your own and sell some juice. If your area of expertise is not in the sales arena, you might be left fumbling around for a way to get started.

You are also competing with many similar companies with almost the same health benefit claims. It’s tough to market a new product against hundreds of others that are almost alike. Plus, once you exhaust the supply of relatives and friends that could purchase the product or sign up to work under you, then you must try to recruit strangers. This is a challenging task for most people.

Some people may work well with little supervision, but others need someone to guide them through their days. With this type of business, there is very little guidance once you start. You are not compensated at all for work that doesn’t generate sales or enroll new partners. You might spend quite a bit of money designing and maintaining your website, and that money is not returned to you if your sales fail.

Of course, most of the money and reward goes to the people highest up on the plan. This is common with an multilevel marketing business, so the earlier you get into the business, the better you do usually. You may also spend money you hadn’t planned on if you spend your time networking out of town. Hotels and restaurants will need to be added to your expenses. With a high failure rate for the sales and the expense of the product, you may need to learn to deal well with rejection. It’s easy to quit if you don’t like selling.

Jusuru International is an interesting company in the standpoint that the start up seems friendly and relatively simple. It’s really up to you whether you want to put your time and effort into selling a product like this. Basically it is a sales position and if you’re a good salesman, you probably will do well. On the other hand, if selling isn’t your strong point, you might want to look into something a little less sales oriented.

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