Want To Fill Paintball Tanks? This Is What You Need

Perhaps one of the most affordable luxuries in paintball would be being able to fill your own paintball tanks. Many aren’t aware of how affordable it can be, especially if you find the right place to get your gas. Once you get all the gear, you can skip those trips to your local field or store. Or better yet, if you’re a paintball business, and run a store or field, then getting a fill station is a great way to make some extra money. Whatever reason you have for wanting to fill your own tanks, you’ve come to right place, because below are the 3 things you need to make that dream a reality.

Fill Station – There are different fill stations for HPA and co2 tanks. You will need to get the appropriate fill station for the type of gas you will using. HPA fill stations are for HPA tanks, and co2 fill stations are for co2 tanks. Pretty simple stuff. You can both types for sale, between $30 and $70.

Scale – Not just any scale will do. You want one that is highly accurate, and can measure ounces. To make your life easier, I recommend getting a digital scale. Digital postal scales work perfectly, and can be bought for around $40. If anyone tells you to use a hanging scale, ignore them, they aren’t worth it.

Bulk Fill Tank – Bulk tanks can be found at specialty gas suppliers like AirGas or in specialty shops. You can get bulk scuba tanks at a scuba shop, or straight off of eBay. If you have a scuba tank you can take it to a local scuba shop to get it filled. Once that’s done you can slap on your HPA fill station and give her a go. If you want to fill co2 tanks, then welding shops are a great place to find bulk tanks for lease. You simply rent a 25 pound tank for $25 to $35 bucks and your ready to go.

These are the 3 pieces of equipment you need to fill paintball tanks. The most difficult thing to acquire will probably be the bulk tank. You can always get tanks from major supplier like AirGas, but you will have to purchase insurance, which isn’t that much. If you want to skip the insurance, then find a welding shop or a scuba store to get your tanks from. Once you find a decent supplier then you’re ready to fill!

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