Wall Murals For Kids Let You Design A Bedroom Your Child Will Love

Every good parent knows that there is nothing more better than the look of wonder on a child’s face when he finds something new that truly excites him. Parents the world over have put much effort into trying to find just the right gift to surprise their children and put that look of amazed happiness on their faces.

Think of your child’s favorite thing. What is gets their attention? There are now products available to help turn your child’s bedroom into an environment which nurtures imagination. These theme ideas include princesses, castles, robots, spaceships, cars and more. These products are wall murals that create a scene on the walls of the child’s room. A concept like this can turn a simple bedroom into a whole new world for your child to be entertained by and explore.

As magical and amazing as this sounds, parents have to deal with the reality of the responsibilities and costs associated with bringing their children such joy. Wall stickers that are reusable have been around for a long time and are a simpler alternative that allow parents to create a wall scene for special events such as birthday parties and sleepovers. Wall murals are much larger and are meant to cover entire walls or create large murals on each one to give the appearance that the entire room is something new and special.

Wall murals are meant to be much more permanent than wall stickers and can be bought in removable and non-removable versions. CreateMyScene.com is one such store that specializes in lots of different choices in one place, but other custom designs (such as Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong wall murals) can be ordered as well. Customers at CreateMyScene.com can also upload their own photos to create their very own custom-designed wall murals.

There are different options available to parents looking to create wall scenes for their children’s bedrooms. The first one, wall stickers, is mentioned above. These are usually cheaper than wall murals and can be found in a number of varying themes online. For a full scene immersion though, wall murals are more appropriate. Wall murals are customizable and can consist of any number of scenes. There are many options for them including adhesive-backed and non-adhesive backed.

Murals with adhesive backing are more affected by heat than their non-adhesive counterparts and thus are best used indoors. Because they are permanent and not reusable or movable once applied, they are delivered in squares that must be aligned correctly on the wall to create the scene. The murals come with the adhesive on the backs and users simply peel off protective papers and stick the murals where they want. The difficulty of this is rated as “moderate”.

Non-adhesive backed murals are made to be movable and reusable and have low heat sensitivity. These come in full murals as opposed to parts like adhesive-backed murals. Their difficulty of use rating is “easy” because there is no cutting or aligning required for these murals. Delivering these might be more difficult because of the sheer size of a panel that can cover an entire wall.

The costs for adhesive and non-adhesive murals are the same. A small wall can cost under $200 to cover and an extra large one might be over $1,000. Customizable sizes are also available for walls that don’t fit normal measurements. Overall, for parents who have the money and creativity to make wall murals work for their children’s rooms, this can be a wonderful moment waiting to happen!

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