Votive Candles – A Classic Style That Works With Any Decor

Votive candles were initially and are still used by Roman Catholics in prayer ceremonies. Those that are used for religious purposes can be either the size of tea light candles or long tapered candles, both of which are lit in offering to either a saint or to Jesus Christ. These candles can be used to pray for someone else and they are lit as a symbol of that prayer.

These candles are also used in Methodist churches as a votive offering to pray for someone’s soul that has passed away. Those that are used in religious ceremonies or prayers are almost always white.

In contrast with those used for religious purposes, the votive candles that are used in homes are usually used with decoration in mind or to release a scent. Those that are used in the home refer to the size of the candle. Usually the ones that are used for decorative purposes are around two inches high and one and a half inches in diameter. They are used to create a certain ambiance in the home. Some votive candle holders are made of stained glass or other types of glass that are perfect for reflecting the beautiful and holy sight of a lit candle, especially candles that are votive.

These candles are very inexpensive and are usually sold in packs of four or six. It is not uncommon to find them for $3 for a pack of four and $4 for a pack of six, meaning they are very affordable. Unlike the religious varieties, the ones for home use come in a rainbow of colors. A lot of the candles sold for home use come in a wide variety of scents. With the hope that the delightful scent will fill a home, scented candles are a popular choice of decoration for almost any dwelling.

Although originally meant to be used in prayer at church, these candles are now widely used at home. They are inexpensive and can add a little charm to a room. Votive candles come in a variety of colors and can easily fit in to any decor.

The history behind Uk marriage visa Roman candles is vast, but today they are most often seen in homes as mere decorations. They work with any decor perfectly.

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