Volunteers In Ghana Are Helping The African People

The author is a well known person who has tried to know the actual condition is this region. Volunteers in Ghana are helping the people out there to come out of poverty and unemployment and live a better life. Volunteers in orphanages in Ghana provide best possible education to all children so as to help them for their better future prospects. Ghana is one of the developing countries in Africa. A lot of tourists are attracted towards this place because of the flora and fauna in this region. There are immensely dense forests in this region as well as costal region in Ghana.

This combination has brought many tourists to Ghana. Ghanaian people help tourists to see all the attractions in this place. Also they work as guides for many tourists group who come from other parts of the world. Ghana occupies a major region of the western side of Africa. The main language that is spoken in this country is English along with other regional languages.

But few years back and still now there are some untouched regions in country like Ghana which are underdeveloped. This makes Ghana an underdeveloped country. In spite of good natural heritage and place of tourist attraction, Ghana falls in the list of underdeveloped country because of three main reasons. These reasons comprises of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. A very few people in Ghana are literate. This is due to poor people. People in Ghana do not have money as well as other transportation facilities for sending their children to school as the schools are situated too far.

Hardly 40% of the overall Ghanaian population is employed. This is because of illiteracy. People in Ghana are illiterate and that’s why does not have any jobs. These people fill up their stomachs on farming vegetables and eating meat of animals which they kill. But the situation has quite changed after the volunteers have helped the Ghanaian people. The volunteers of different region come together and help Ghanaian people to stand up on their own feet.

Similarly these volunteers provide educational facility to children. This education is provided in English language. Children are taught with the basic language so that they can at least communicate properly. This will help these small children to get employed after they grow up. These children are also given physical education. This makes them strong physically and they can easily do their daily things.

Orphanages are also being built up for orphans and homeless children. Proper facilities are provided in these orphanages. Students are provided with clean clothes and food. Volunteers are building up these homes for homeless children to give them shelter.Ghanaian people are also provided with medical facilities. These people are treated with all the medicinal services.

Right from giving a birth to new baby to conducting serious operations, all types of sickness is treated here. There are hospitals and clinics build up in different regions so as to provide the best possible medical facility to all the Ghanaian people.

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