Viral Content Magic-The Best Internet Network Marketing Course

In this review you will discover why Viral Content Magic is an Amazing Online Network Marketing Course. This Course will teach you about building MLM business using free content marketing strategies. Viral Content Magic was created by Jim Chao, David Wood and Kenny Greg. Those Three Top Online Marketers apply those strategies every day to build their primary business on autopilot.

You will first learn from David Wood the principals that drive traffic. He will explain what you need to do to get your content ranking on the number one page of Google. He stresses that it is very important to keep your content relevant and original. Relevant and Original Content is what Google and other search engines like to see. You will also learn the secrets of creating back links to your website. The more back links the higher the search engines will rank you.

Throughout the other modules in the course, you will learn different methods of driving traffic. David Wood will show you how to use article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Article marketing is not used by many marketers. It is a great strategy, however, since they rank high on the search engines. David Wood personally generates over 100 leads a day using this overlooked strategy.

Video Marketing is also a great strategy that you will learn in the course. Video marketing is viral and one of the most personal ways of marketing. People are able to see your face and hear your voice. They also rank high on the search engines.

They will also instruct you how to do social media and social bookmarking. You can get viral traffic to your blog from the social networks. Using social bookmarking will help you to build trust and credibility in the short term.

Kenny Greg will talk about blogging basics in module 3. He will walk you through the setup of your blog for Search Engine Optimization. You will learn the importance of having your blog self hosted at blog instead of a free blog. You will learn what themes and plugins to use for optimizing your blog.

You will be taught by Jim Chao how to increase your conversion rates. He will show how you can increase your income without having to generate more traffic and leads. It is important that you have a marketing funnel where everything is congruent. Having your content, lead capture pages, landing pages and sales letters agree with one another will increase your conversion rates.

You will learn what you need to do to sponsor more reps into your marketing system and primary Business. This is the number one reason for driving traffic to your website and generating leads. As your lead flow gets higher, you will see that sponsoring will become easier since wont be emotionally attached to anyone. If you apply the strategies you learn in Viral Content Magic on a consistent basis, you will start to see results within a couple of months.

You have to do this consistently if you want to see results. The course lays out a 100 day challenge where you would post an article daily for the next 100 days. You will see your lead count increase as you do this every day.

Viral Content Magic is essential if you want to learn the secrets of generating free traffic, leads and cash flow for your network marketing business. It is the Internet Network Marketing Course of choice if you plan to only buy one course this year.

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