Video: NASA drone helicopter makes first flight to Mars

The aircraft called “Ingenuity” rose above the surface of the Red planet by three meters.

A NASA helicopter drone called “Ingenuity” rose three meters above the surface of Mars. He lasted 40 seconds and transmitted several images of the area to the Ground.
It would seem that the achievement is modest. But this is the first drone flight on Mars! With its rarefied atmosphere. It turns out that the event is still historical.
The International Space Station, which seems to have had a lot of problems recently, is also making progress. But the returning cosmonauts of the 64th expedition noted that the condition of the Russian segment of the ISS has significantly improved.
“The interior panels of the service module, where we spend most of our time both at work and at home, were replaced, and some systems were also upgraded,” said Sergey Ryzhikov.
Back to Earth after a long expedition. It lasted more than 180 days. They made a spacewalk and conducted fifty scientific experiments. They were also engaged in repair work on the body of the Zvezda module.

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