Viral/Video Marketing is the sharing of information through internet mails and social media web2.0 channels. It is a simple way to reach as many people as possible in short span of time.

Viral/Video Internet Marketing is next Generation Marketing.

It is Consumer to consumer Internet Marketing by word of mouth.

Key Steps in Video Marketing:

• Videos Optimization is highly important.
• Market Your Videos through online and achieve good search engine rankings.
• Target your video for right audience.
• Concept plays a key role.
• Need to include easy sharing social media options.

Success Factors in Video Marketing:

• Concept
• Creativity
• Visual Design
• Background Sound
• Consistent flow
• Minimum Timeline
• Choose the right platform to promote
• Identify your audience
• Short ,simple and embeddable

Not to do in Viral Marketing:

• Making your concept too long
• No clear introduction
• Designing a video by expecting results
• Not having valuable information
• Serious and harsh concept

Brands which are successful through Video Marketing:

• Hotmail
• Gmail
• T-Mobile

Viral/Video Internet Marketing can have

• Quick Mechanism
• Consistent Control
• Easy Tracking

Viral/Video Internet marketing can increase

• Brand awareness
• Link Popularity
• Targeted traffic to your website

Key websites to consider in Viral Marketing:
• VideoEgg
• Dailymotion
• YouTube
• Veoh
• Google Video
• Grouper
• Jumpcut
• Eyespot

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