There are many different types of organs found in the human body. If the kidneys are not in a good condition, it can make the condition of the people worse. There are such situations when the person suffering from a kidney failure starts following the dialysis process. In some of the cases, the patient also has to change their kidney.

Many people suffer from different types of kidney diseases. There are two types of kidney diseases that occur in the common people. One of them is known as “acute.” This particular term is explained as the fast process. The “chronic “is the other type of kidney disease. In this particular the declination of the kidney takes place in a low speed.

Diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure can gradually worsen the function of the kidneys. Another classification of kidney disease occurs when the kidneys leak out certain body fluids or substances. One of these diseases is hematuria or blood in the urine. This can come from sickened kidneys that leak out blood cells from the capillaries in the kidneys.

The other type of disease is the common one known as the proteinuria. This is the disease when a protein named as albumin starts leaking from the body. This particular stage can become so great that there might be one such stage where you will not have enough protein in the blood.

We need our protein to keep the fluid in the blood vessels and without it, fluid leaks out into the tissues all over the body. This condition is known as “nephrotic syndrome”. The presence of kidney stones is another kidney disease.

The stone in the kidney occurs when a person starts secreting large amounts of calcium oxalate in the urine. The other reason that leads to the formation of the stones in the kidney is due to less consumption of water. The kidney stones can also cause due to uric acid. They are stored in the urinary area in the kidney and results in forming the stone.

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