Is Value Lay Betting System a scam? This betting guide is designed to earn a consistent monthly income from picking a few carefully selected lay bets every day. The strategies discussed in this guide are made to be very conservative and also protected by a professional tested and proven money management system.

This horse racing service has generated a lot of discussion amongst the betting community after its impressive performance over the past couple of years.

The Logic of Concept in Making Money With Value Lay System

The professional punter to designed this system has revealed that lay betting is actually based on solid foundations and time tested facts. Such facts include the various types of races that actually have a much higher percentage of chance of springing surprise results, making them great candidates for lay betting on their favorites. With a good money management system, I have discovered that it is entirely possible to win consistently by constantly looking for these high value bets to put your money on.

Picking Up The False Favorites Using The Selection System Highlighted In Value Lay

Upon further research in racing statistics, you will actually discover that many horse favorites are unjustified, meaning that they are not proven in the race distance, class and track at all. Yet, these races are favorites and the lazy punters simply bet on the favorites, thinking that there must be some reason why these horses are favorites when other horses in the same race can have the same chances of winning.

Will You Really Make Money From Using Value Lay?

Of course, this false favorite may still win its races but that would have been entirely out of luck, and history generated by the Value Lay System shows that laying on these false favorite horses can be extremely profitable over the long run. If you are looking for a consistently profitable horse race laying system, I would certainly recommend you to take a look and learn the foundations of this system.

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