Using The Energy Ball V100 To Reduce Electric Demand

Conserving income has become a mantra for millions of people throughout the country, and around the world, especially during the most recent years, and the Energy Ball v100 is one way for homeowners to save money. The Energy Ball v100 takes the power of the wind and alters it to renewable and usable energy.

Wind energy has been harnessed for centuries, most famously by the Netherlands with the use of their windmills that helped power farm equipment, not in the modern sense of power, but in the pre-modern sense. Energy doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of electricity to be useful, but the Energy Ball v100 alters wind energy into 120 volts of electricity that any homeowner, even renter, can use in their normal activities.

The Energy Ball v100 is produced in the Netherlands and they have mastered the art of harnessing the power of the wind and this unit will begin creating energy even in light winds, as little as four-and-a-half miles per hour, which is a minor breeze. For those who may be looking for ways to save on your utility bill at home, or in the office, on a daily basis, then you would benefit from the Energy Ball v100.

Saving the environment has become a mantra for many people either looking to help save the environment or simply save money and while watching what we use and consume is certainly a great start, cutting our need for traditional forms of energy suppliers is the best way to save money.

The Energy Ball v100 is a modest-sized device that can be attached just about anywhere outside the home and is attractive enough that it doesn’t look like an obstruction to any view. Artistic in design and noiseless, this unit actually does look like art and when it captures the force of the wind, will help power just about anything you may have in your home or office.

It would be wonderful to run your refrigerator and other devices strictly on wind power. The money you could save just from this will add up relatively quickly over time. If you could cut a buck from your bill every day from this amazing device, at the end of a year that would means an annual savings of $365. The potential savings, though, could be even more, but will depend largely on how much wind that is produced in your region.

Residing in a region that sees mostly calm days with the occasional breeze kicking up, then you might find only limited benefit, but it isn’t common that these locations actually exist. We usually fail to think about the wind surrounding us unless it is quite powerful, perhaps fifteen to twenty miles per hour. If you stop and observe and be aware of the air movement in your location, you’ll find that it blows regularly.

The Energy Ball v100 traps that untapped power and brings it right into your abode in the form of electricity you can use.

Craig Axelrod is a principal for Emmy Energy, a NY solar energy operation offering solar heating tubes solar pv systems & clean energy products throughout the North East.

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