Using Social Sites For Network Marketing Business Success

Do you ever wonder whether social sites are really worth your time and effort for lead generation, into your network marketing business, I know a lot of people get it completely wrong? Social sites were and still are primarily for socialising with friends and this is what the majority join them for, but they are gradually being taken over by salesman. When you send a professional message out it becomes entangled with all the private friends and family mailings.

It must be very disconcerting for the majority, when they receive so many adverts for this and that business and makes it difficult to find true genuine social messages. Social sites such as Facebook are punishing network marketers for pushing to many adverts out to their list of so called friends now, so maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

Let me put a scenario to you.

What if there was a fledgling social site around 10 months old still in the Beta Testing stage of its life, which is say, has over 1000 people joining per day and increasing. We could give it four completely separate or combination of programs under one roof so that if someone wants to use it just for: – 1) Socialising privately with their Friends only, they can. 2) Keeping in touch privately with their Family members only, they can. 3) Communicating with like minded Professionals only, they can. 4) Use it for privately Dating only, they can. This would truly be perfect for everyone as people have different reasons for joining a social site, and they could pick and choose which they would use and not be affected by the others.

What if it had an affiliate membership attached as well as free for those who are into network marketing and want to promote it, say $10 per month. Commissions could be $2 front line, $0.50 down a further 6 levels giving a monthly residual income of $1,644.00 for everyone sponsoring 3 front line or $28,002.00 for 6 front line. Who wouldn’t want to join a site like that?

When Facebook started there was no clue of the huge growth it has attained, so what if they had had an affiliate program incorporated and YOU were one of the first 200thousand members. Your monthly residual income would be enormous to say the least.

Well, it’s not a scenario because it’s here!

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