Parental controls allow you, as a parent or guardian to be able to control the computer in which your child or younger adult is using. You know the importance of doing so. Online predators are out there and they are readily stalking even the youngest of children that venture onto the web. Using parental controls allows you to keep control of the situation so that you can make decisions for your child that will ultimately help them deal with what happens online.

What Can Be Done?

Each internet service provider will have their own different set of parental controls which you can use. The first thing that you will need to do is to find out what kinds of software are being offered to you through your provider. If you do find that these parental controls are not enough to really protect your child, you can get others available to you to get. Before you make that investment, do not forget that some internet service providers do provide this, or at least some parental controls, with their service to you.

There are various options that you can use. Here are some of the services that are


* Monitor who can send your child email.

* Monitor who your child can send emails to, as well.

* Determine who can send messages to your child or who your child can chat with in chat rooms. Limit them by name or age, or just allow certain ones.

* Monitor the time that they’re online. Set a timer for each visit as to how much time they can be online each time they come onto the web.

* Determine which websites your child can go to as well as what type of website it is. Some limit the child to only those websites that are approved by you.

There are more services which you can use when it comes to parental controls. There is no doubt that you’ll manage to find the best type of control for your needs either with your current isp or with additional software that you purchase. The goal here is to find the product that gives you the overall best solution and protection for your child. This isn’t the type of thing that you should put aside and do later.

Most parents realize the value of monitoring their child online. But, even if you are providing this through the use of parental controls, you should also educate your child regarding the dangers that are lurking online that allow them to be vulnerable. The fact is that many children, even younger ones, can navigate around the protections you put in place for them. If they do this, you may not know its happening and your child is left just as vulnerable as they were in the first place. Because of this, education is one of the most important considerations you should have.

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