Using Multi-Vitamin – Vitamin Supplements

Our body is a living organism that needs the standard supply of vital minerals and vitamins in order to produce new cells remain healthy and ward off diseases. If we take vitamin supplements it will make up for the deficiency of nutrients in our diet plan. Would I require vitamin supplements?

Theoretically a well balanced diet would have all the vitamins and minerals which are required by the body your function properly. But truly it is very hard to achieve this as most of the people are multi-tasking and unfortunately this spares them little time to have a healthy diet and work out correctly. Stress will take it’s toll on the body. Years of depletion have made the land deficient in nutrients and this in turn has made the fruit and veggies also deficient in nutrients. Therefore it has become necessary to take vitamin supplements.

Our body needs a steady supply of vitamins and minerals if it has to function properly. If we’re missing these vitamins in our diet then we might wind up with having all types of ailments such as cardiovascular diseases and other issues which are related to immune system such as cancer.

Latest research has revealed that all kids and adults can profit immensely from taking vitamin supplements. The supplements will aid to maintain your fitness. Lactating mothers, teenagers and pregnant women would need additional nutrients. Our diet will be lacking in these vitamins and minerals and thus its best if one takes vitamin supplements. Usually iron deficiency is common in female than men. Smokers are deficient in vitamin C. Strict vegetarians and elderly individuals would have a deficiency in vitamin B12 which assists to keep off anemia. Women who take oral contraceptive pills and who are alcoholics are low on vitamin B and C. To prevent birth defects women should take folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy.

Most of the vitamin supplements would contain several vitamins and minerals which are required by the body instead of just one vitamin or mineral. Few vitamins and mineral yield much more benefits when they’re taken together with some other vitamin or mineral.

For instance * It’s more effective to take vitamin C and E together. * The heart healthy effects of vitamin E can be increased by taking selenium with it. * Calcium and magnesium tend to work better when they are taken together.

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