Using Martial Arts Tricks To Break Bricks Without Breaking Your Hands!

[I:]Using Karate tricks, which are the same as wudan tricks or kung fu techniques, it is pretty easy to break bricks. I’m not going to say that your grandfather could do it, or a wee child, but you could. Heck, a little work and practice, the cranial talent to figure out the sacred words I am about to impart, and you could be trashing the holy heck out of sun dried rectangular blocks.

Now, there was a guy went to the far east, and he knew all sorts of martial arts, and orientals loving their back yard barbecues, and even a few beers (pretty American, those orientals) everybody yocking it up and having a good time, and they asked this American to break a few bricks for them. You smashee brickee! We have olly golly fun time!

So the American hoisted a fist and smacked a brick, and the brick sat there and stared at him and he near broke his hand bones. Those wacky tailgating orientals, you see, had given him a brick with an iron rod cooked into it. Oh, ha ha ha…laughee, laughee!

Well, tell the truth, it is pretty funny. I tell ya, those Far Easters keep it up and they’ll be downright American! The point here is…don’t go smashing your hands into things that you don’t know about, select your material to be smashed with care.

This subject of picking your material is crucial. People who break big stacks of ice, for instance, don’t bother to tell you that the ice has been pre-broken and stuck back together, which makes the ice easy to break. That tends to make the break a wee bit easier.

And, the people who break stacks of bricks or boards often do so by placing spacers between the bricks or boards, which, again, makes the bricks or boards a lot easier to smash. Have them break the bricks and boards without spacers, and you are seeing a power break of real quality. And, yes, this humble scribbler can break five one inch pine boards, that’s five inches of wood, with no stinkin’ sissy spacers.

When you pick a brick to break, pick a dry one, dry ones are easier to break than moist ones. If you want to help your ten year old nephew, or even your grandmother, to break a brick, cook it in an oven for an hour or two. And, it helps it you set the brick with one end on the ground and the other end on another brick, and drop the end of the brick as your hand makes impact, this increases the sharpness of impact and makes the break that much easier. Now, those are the tricks that people use, except for the specifics of the technique itself.

When you break a brick have your hand loosey goosey, and slam it down, and tighten it upon impact. This will focus your energy and protect your hands, and I have seen these principles in virtually all martial arts. Korean Karate techniques, Shaolin techniques, Kwon Bup techniques, Kenpo techniques, they are all based on the same principles, and these principles define how easy it can be to break bricks.

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