The question to be answered is, what are the recent thoughts on successful ways to prevent hair shedding? There is at present a few hair re-growth products which have been specially created to be used by either women or men. They treat hair-loss by being effective in blocking the detrimental hormonal substance DHT and also rejuvenating the hair follicles. The specifically formulated products can be used either to prevent hair loss, before a receding hairline becomes critical or, alternatively, when baldness is already becoming more pronounced. So now, whatever the degree of balding you may be seeing, these products may be exactly what is required to conquer your balding problems.

Despite the fact that baldness is normally a genetic feature, you may not realize you can receive the gene from either of your parents. Current medical science has revealed that baldness causing genes may actually be received from either your mother or your father. Also, this same gene can instigate balding in both men or women. Hair loss genes may be totally random in picking out the family member they will effect. They can skip entire generations only to show up in the next. So a father may have a full head of hair and his son be bald or vice a verse. They may also have really different consequences on people in the same generation. For example, one brother bald and one with a good head of hair.

Although even today medical hair restoration may be the only long lasting, and also the most successful, option to conquer baldness there are many types of hair restoration shampoo that could be useful in your battle to beat hair loss. By and large, medical hair transplantation will consist of uprooting and replanting hairs together with their follicles from a specific area of the scalp and skillfully placing them in the balding one. Most people observe great results with hair transplantation and enjoy years of hair growth. That is because the dormant hair follicles are actually replaced with active follicles which are producing hair shaft material.

Many people, who use crash weight loss diets that may be lacking certain nutrients, or who practice radically abnormal diet practices, can get protein deficiency which can initiate baldness. The body will try to conserve essential protein by slowing hair growth. Often times, one massive hair-loss can occur about 2 months after the start of the new diet. The hair can then often be pulled out from the follicles very easily, merely by normal brushing. This frightening condition can be entirely reversible and the hair loss eliminated by ensuring you eat the right quantity of essential protein and other nutrients when you are dieting. Always remember to eat balanced meals and to lose weight just make your portions smaller.

Doctors of Naturopathic medicine report that beneficial results from hair loss prevention products can be increased if herbs such as nettle and saw palmetto are used in addition to these options. While many remedies for genetic hair loss are topical, saw palmetto or nettle attack baldness from the inside out by lowering the production of a particular hormone (DHT) which is known to be a key culprit in balding. This one-two method of action has proved to be a most effective mixture in overcoming genetic hair loss.

By decreasing the production of particular hormones, a herb called saw palmetto is showing in trials to be successful with the treatment of male hair-loss. This herb also seems to be able to help with the re-grow of some hair. Several investigations have proven it to be equally as efficient as that well-known brand of oral medication Propecia. This benefit of saw palmetto was originally discovered by men when making use of this herb for prostate problems. Many men in the trial started seeing a thickening of healthy hair where it had previously been lost. Hair restoration shampoos including this herb are usually available at health food stores and on the web. You can also obtain the herbal remedy saw palmetto as a health supplement. The common dosage for a man should be 300 to 500mg every day and this treatment has been proven in trials to be safe for extended use.

Loss of hair can happen to either men or women. This can come as a surprise to most people because hair loss in women has been a taboo subject until recently. The fact of the matter is women can suffer loss of hair just as much as men can. However, they will not always realize it until later in life because just like with men, loss of hair for women can come on very gradually.

When females suffer loss of hair it is typically as a result of a genetic condition known to the medical community as androgenic alopecia. A few other instigators of hair shedding in women are possible though including excessive stress, birth control pills, and in some instances hormone imbalance. Although upsetting, thinning hair because of these latter initiators will usually only be a problem for up to a year. Also, after having a baby some women might experience a loss of hair for a few months. Not surprisingly many women are very nervous when it happens to them, but they can be comforted by learning that this situation is not usually long-lasting.

Today, hair implants in the US usually cost somewhere between $4,000 and $18,000 depending on the area that needs to be transplanted as well as the expertise of your surgeon. Some other factors besides the actual surgery can be involved, however the hair transplant cost should stay a one time investment and mostly no extra costs should be charged for medications, consultations or visits. Most doctors charge on a per implant basis but a few specialists will have a fixed fee, not actually basing it upon the total number of strands of hair or follicles transplanted. These hair restoration surgeons alternatively calculate the costs upon the measurement of the transplanted location.

Hair pieces these days are unlike your old granddad’s toupee. Each hair is injected into a custom made base instead of being tied. No lumps from knots gives the appearance of the hair actually growing from your scalp. This kind of lace hair replacement system has been obtainable since the 1950s but they were only within the the budgets of the wealthy. If you have already been looking for hair systems for a while, you have probably heard of them as the kind that actors and celebrities such as Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and William Shatner have been wearing for a long time. These lace hair systems have just recently been more easily available to the average hair piece user as there prices have fallen with the advent of new manufacturing techniques.

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