Using Ethernet Over Copper Is A Possible Solution

The purpose of the Ethernet is to allow the sending of data packets from one part of a network to another. With the advent of Ethernet over copper (EoC)the ability to do this at speed has become an achievable goal for small and large businesses alike.

Businesses of all sizes are always on the lookout for ways that they can offer faster and more sophisticated services to their customers. Even though they want this ability the smaller businesses find it hard to achieve because of the amount of reinvestment it would take. EoC technology has developed so much that it can offer businesses a faster Ethernet connection so they can improve their efficiency.

These businesses feel that they cannot afford to invest in the installation of fiber routing within their premises. Most of these companies invested in a system that involved the deployment of copper wire to connect them to the network. They now feel they are destined to use their T1/E1- based service for the foreseeable future.

But there is now a solution for these companies. Communication technology has advanced so much in the last few years that these same copper wires can be used to provide a faster Ethernet solution. By utilizing specially adapted equipment as termination points, the twisted copper pairs can carry a faster and more reliable service. The speed of service is dependent on the physical location of the business but speeds of up to 50 Mbps can be achieved.

This solution is often referred to as EFM, or Ethernet over the First Mile. To be able to offer this solution for your need for higher speeds they need to bond together between 5 and 8 pairs of copper wire. Using this method your system will not close down altogether if one of the pairs starts to malfunction. The only effect you will notice is a slight loss in overall speed.

This method of service offers many advantages over previous systems apart from an increase in data speed. The company executives will appreciate the low cost of this upgrade route as the basic infrastructure is already there. Also the network users will appreciate the increase in speed and reliability that is now available to them.

Carriers cannot envisage the desire for faster networks at minimum costs falling any time soon. They are seeing this new system as a bridge to better things. They can offer their customers the solution of higher speeds and reliability without the hassle of having to lay new cables.

The possibilities that using an EoC Ethernet solution can offer to businesses, including local authorities are immense. It offers a very reliable method of connecting monitoring stations to their satellite outposts. This kind of connection opens up the ability to use the network for surveillance and security purposes. In fact it is suited to any form of network service that has a requirement for a number of locations to be connected.

If there is a problem with this system it is that it relies heavily on the location where the system has been installed. To get the best service it must be sited near to an Ethernet mainframe. This problem can be easily overcome with the installation of an Ethernet over serial connection. This works in a manner similar to EoC but slightly slower.

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