Using Cool Keeper In Utah To Conserve Energy

We have run several articles about ways to save money with your Utah air conditioning system. One of those ways is to conserve energy. Another is to use an energy efficient AC unit.

Another main way for Rocky Mountain Power customers to save money with Utah air conditioning units is to use a program called Cool Keeper. Cool Keeper is a voluntary program that allows you and Rocky Mountain Power to work together to manage electricity during the hottest times of the summer. Electricity usage is the most expensive to produce and use during June through August.

It is free to install cool keeper. There are absolutely no costs involved. To thank you for participating, Rocky Mountain power actually gives you a $20 credit as a thank you for helping them conserve energy.

The cool keeper has a device that is connected with your Utah air conditioning system. It does not get in the way of using your AC thermostat how you normally would on most days. You can turn your AC on and off when you want.

During extremely hot days, however, when the energy usage for AC units is being used a lot the cool keeper is activated. If you are running your AC unit, it turns your AC unit on and off for 15 minute intervals. Rocky Mountain coordinates this with the other AC units in your neighborhood.

Using the cool keeper should only bring a rise in temperature from one to three degrees. Many people don’t notice this. The air conditioner still runs the fan of the air unit. After the high demand of electricity lowers, the cool keepers is deactivated.

Cool keeper is said to only be activated o1% of the year. It only works on the hottest weekdays, during the afternoon from 2 to 8. It is never supposed to be activated on the weekends or during the holidays.

Using the cool keeper also helps out the State. It allows a more effective use of energy, which is a better use of the state’s existing electrical infrastructure. If you want to help conserve energy, this is a good option for you. For more information, go to

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