Using, Cleaning And Maintaining Your Juicers.

One of the most vital decisions in terms of purchasing a juicer is to know the best choice of juicer for your way of life. First, ask yourself on how long are you willing to spend your time on juicing? It is also necessary to identify which juicers will take longer period of time to be used and cleaned. Most importantly, which juicer will be able to give the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables at a maximum level?

Back in the old days, people get the juice only from fruits such as oranges, lemons, and other citrus family. They get those juices by eating the whole fruits in their solid form. However, as people began to explore their knowledge in science and technology, they learned that the nutrients from those fruits can be absorbed by their body more easily if they know how to purify the juices. Hence, the juicer is invented.

Centrifugal juicers are the most popular model. It is also very affordable even to those with hardly enough money to spare. In fact, most juicers that you can find in any stores are from this type. However, you must be very careful of those with warranties of less than a year. That warranty is useless since most juicers will only start to have problems in functioning after at least a year.

It is a good practice to check your juicer’s blade before juicing, too. Make sure that it is working well and the blade is sharp and sturdy. Blunt blade makes it harder to chop and crush all those fruits, resulting in coarser and less juice to be produced. Not only that, a lot of the fruit is also wasted since the juicer did not fully extract the pulp.To clean your juicer, first unplug the body from the powerpoint. This is to avoid any accidental electrocution.

For those who love to have their leafy food’ juices, the wheatgrass juicers are excellent choice for them. They are made exclusively to extract juices from leafy greens such as the alfalfa, wheatgrass and others as well as fruits like grapes and strawberries. As it is called wheatgrass juicers, these juicers are not suitable for juicing hard food as that will damage the juicing blades.

Next is the triturating or also known as the twin gear juicer. This kind of juicer has a blade that turns at a slower rate compared to other juicers. It functions in two steps. First, the fruits and vegetables are crushed before being pressed for the juice. Those processes provide you with more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients needed for healthy life. These juicers are also good for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass,carrots and apples.

Many people buy a twin gear machine and then complained on the long time that is needed to yield juices and also the amount of time spent to clean those juicers. However, it is very vital for people with cancer or chronic diseases to get the highest quality of juices that can only be achieved by using those juicers.

Finally, assemble your juicer into its original condition. Make sure that you have assembled maintenance habit keep your juicer running for a long time. Good cleaning and all parts and none are missing. Missing even one part will cause your juicer to work improperly and you may need to get a new juicer afterwards.

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