Using Chatroulette – 3 Top Tips About What Chatroulette Is

Chatroulette is quite a new web-based trend which is going global. This short piece will explain what Chatroulette is and why people might or might not want to start using it themselves.

What is Chatroulette?

As the name suggests, when on Chatroulette, you are playing a game based on a random factor, similar to roulette. You are connected to another user randomly through your webcam, who you can talk to and hear and even type messages on your keyboard to.

Why use it?

With over a million people on the site a day, Chatroulette is certainly growing in popularity. Many people say that what is great about Chatroulette is the completely random nature of the interactions they have. Whilst their use of a webcam may have become mundane and day-to-day, Chatroulette makes it exciting again by connecting you to a complete stranger.

A perceived benefit of Chatroulette is that it connects to you to people around the world that you otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to meet. Consequently, you can learn about how other people live, and find out interesting quirky things about them.

Reasons for Avoiding Chatroulette

Chatroulette has been in the news due to its problems with nudity on the site, however this isn’t its only problem. Another issues is that one cannot develop long-lasting relationships on the site due to the fact that you can always click ‘next’ which will connect you with another user. However, once you have clicked ‘next’, you cannot re-connect with anyone again.

Evidently, Chatroulette is a fascinating new website and definitely worth checking out. However, some people may discover that they cannot handle the offensive nature on Chatroulette, in which case, it is probably not for them.

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