Using Acupuncture For Stress Is Extremely Effective

Everyone has some sort of stress in their lives. People are bombarded daily with things on the news, radio, road rage, economy issues. Stress can also cause health problems that one may not even recognize as stress related. When dealing with this, one may choose acupuncture for stress management. Acupuncture is an effective, natural treatment for helping the body to deal with stress. One may choose to use this method over prescription drugs.

The fight or flight response is the bodies way of dealing with the stress in life. Dealing with things such as the daily pressures or impending danger, the body reacts by releasing adrenaline in your body. Stress can have a huge impact on the mental and physical health of a person. When the body is under consistent stress, the symptoms of stress induced illnesses arise.

Developed in China over five thousand years ago, acupuncture is practiced under the name of Oriental Medicine. What acupuncture is is tiny needles being placed in specific areas throughout the body. This is said to straighten the energy flow, called the Qi. The belief in Chinese medicine is that maintaining the balance between your physical and mental health is key to living healthy. There are many different health issues that may arise if the body is consistently under stress.

The energy flow throughout the body is called the Qi. Stress enters the body and can block or cause stagnant this energy flow. When this happens, the body can start to show symptoms of this blockage with things like insomnia, tight muscles, tension and headaches.

The liver is thought to be the organ that is most effected when these energy flows become blocked. Placing focus on this and the gallbladder, the therapist will place the needles in spots that correspond to these organs. The areas may include your head, feet or the areas located nearest these organs. With over 350 acupuncture points over the body, this may also include areas in between as well.

Placing the needles in areas such as your head, feet, and arms helps to release the bodies natural pain relieving hormones called endorphins. These hormones are considered the happy hormones as they are the bodies natural opiates. These hormones help the body to release the stress and relax. The patient becomes so relaxed they may fall asleep in the thirty to sixty minute session.

Many people use the therapy of acupuncture to treat chronic pain issues as well as stress. The Chinese acupuncture techniques focuses on the body as a whole, while the French technique focuses mainly on the ear. Being a very powerful and effective technique, it has been used several times to treat people with addictions and cravings.

Maintaining the delicate balance of mind and body is important to remaining in good health. If the body is out of balance, symptoms such as depression, headaches, tension, anxiety and hypertension may plague you. This is one reason why many choose to use acupuncture for stress management. It is a natural alternative to using prescriptions. It is very effective in helping to manage stress and returning the bodies balance.

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