Self Storage in short called as self-service storage and also known as mini storage, mini warehouse. The main purpose of self storage facility is to store the household goods or to lease the space to small businesses to keep the inventories or archived records that they have. The rented space is called as lockers, units or rooms that are secured by the tenants with their own locks and keys. A facility operator does not have access to this acquired space by the tenant.

A professionally experienced warehouseman has the causal access. A self storage operator cannot access the storage rental space unless he fails to pay the rent. They provide the storage with controlled access with individual alarms, unit lights and security cameras. These goods are stored in the storage units upon tenant’s own risk. They can be protected either by buying homeowners insurance or by purchasing self storage tenant insurance.

Self storage provides a variety of unit sizes to lease depending upon the requirement of the customer. The storage units are windowless, walled with metal and locked by the renter. Each unit is accessed by opening a metal door that is the same as one-car garage door. In rural and urban areas these self storage units are called as traditional self storage. These self storage units are single-story buildings with drive-up units having natural ventilation, but are not climate-controlled. Nowadays climate controlled units are becoming popular.

Self Storage has multi storage buildings with elevators to move the goods to the desired floors. They provide complimentary carts to the customers to move the items to their units. Sometimes warehouses and grocery stores can be converted into self storage units. The growing demand for this self storage has been created by the people. People move from one place to other due to various lifestyle, transition, retirement, etc. Customers are allowed to store non-toxic, non-hazardous material in the facility. They can store personal things, motorcycles, furniture, etc. Customers are not allowed to sleep in the space they rented.

If the customer is not paying the rent, then they can sell the goods at the auction based on the states lien law. If the amount they received from auction is not completely cleared the due fees, then customer is responsible to clear the balance. The management is responsible to host the self storage facility auction open to the public. Once the auction starts, any potential bidders will be allowed to view the contents of the space at the door by peering in. None has the right to move or touch the goods until the auction is completed. So, leasing a self storage unit provides us with many advantages.

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