Users in the US have started buying Oculus VR helmets for $299 to contact Facebook technical support

Facebook does not have operational support for users, and through Oculus, for example, you can quickly restore your account.

Facebook users have become more likely to report page hacks on Reddit and Twitter, according to the NPR publication. In July, journalists received 19 letters with complaints about hacking. Users can’t restore pages because Facebook support is not responding to requests.
Facebook doesn’t have phone support. The social network offers to restore your account through the site to download a copy of your driver’s license or passport to confirm your identity. But support often does not respond. “I sent the documents in the morning, afternoon and night several times a day. No one answered even once, ” Jessie Marsala, a victim of hacking, told NPR.
On Reddit, they advise hiding everything except the photo and name on the scanned documents. One of the victims interviewed by the publication received this answer after two weeks of attempts.
Another, more radical advice from Reddit is to buy an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The company is owned by Facebook, but it has its own support service.
User Brandon Sherman contacted Oculus, reported the serial number of his headset and immediately received a response to restore the account. He plans to return the unpacked device.
Another user interviewed says that at first she thought that the advice from Reddit was a joke, but when she remembered the information lost along with the account, she decided to try a trick. She ordered a headset, returned access and also plans to issue a refund of the device
NPR warns that many users on Reddit have not been able to restore their Facebook accounts through Oculus support. The company also temporarily suspends sales of the headset due to complaints about the foam lining.
Hackers break into accounts to spread disinformation, extortion and sale on the black market, John Clay, vice president of threat analysis at Trend Micro, told NPR.
A Facebook representative said that due to the pandemic, the company has fewer people to check documents. The social network uses artificial intelligence, but such a check “may take longer”. “We know that we need to improve support, and we plan to invest in this in the future,” the company said.

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