Usefulness Of Bio Fuel Energy

You have heard the term bio fuel but aren’t sure what it means. Bio fuel is any fuel that is derived from biomass-recently living organisms or their metabolic by-products, such as manure from cows. It is considered ‘green’ because it comes from a renewable energy source, unlike other natural resources such as petroleum, coal and nuclear fuels.

Especially Agricultural products are grown for use as bio fuels include corn and soybeans (primarily in the United States) as well as flax seed and rapeseed (primarily in Europe).

Including straw, lumber, manure, sewage, garbage and food leftovers, Waste from industry, agriculture, forestry and households can also be used to produce bio energy.

focusing on the use of cheap organic matter (usually cellulose, agricultural and sewage waste) in the efficient production of liquid and gas bio fuels that yield high net energy gain ,The production of bio fuels to replace oil and natural gas is in active development,

There are various current issues with bio fuel production and use, which are presently being discussed in the popular media and scientific journals. These include: the “food vs. fuel” debate, carbon emissions levels, sustainable bio fuel production, deforestation and soil erosion, impact on water resources, human rights issues, poverty reduction potential, bio fuel prices, energy balance and efficiency, and centralized versus decentralized production models.

By what materials bio fuels are made? Usual ethanol is made from sugar cane, corn, and sweet sorghum. Soybean and rapeseed oil are often used to make bio diesel, but coconut, palm, canola and jatropha nut oil are also being used over the world.

Trees, grass, agricultural residue, and municipal solid waste can also be converted into bio fuels. Cellulose makes up the majority of a plant’s structure and can be broken down into sugars, which can then be fermented and made into ethanol. Recent research is making this operation less expensive and more energy saving.

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