Useful Trivias About Soundtracks That You Have To Know

Some songs and tracks play in the background of a movie, soap, video game or play. These are one way or another related to what is going on in the clip. That is why they are referred to as soundtracks. They contain a sound cording of some sort.

A soundtrack is not limited to music only. The other aspects like voiceovers, character’s dialogue and sound effects are also part and parcel of the soundtrack.

You may choose to come up with a track just for a movie feature or decide to take an old track and use it since it relates to the movie. You do not always have to be the composer. You can get authority to use the music.

Since a movie does not play a whole song in the motion picture, a soundtrack album is the best way to listen to the whole piece of music.

To date, the soundtrack that has sold the most is that to the movie “The body guard”. The track is Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”.

Can you picture buying a fighter game for your favorite console and once you get started with the action packed game, you suddenly realize that there is no soundtrack? This was the case before the eighties brought a turn around.

These days, you can get music used in a video game and all the sound effects from CDs available on the shelves today. These sound more realistic compared to decades ago when video games came without sound effects. Nintendo can be credited as having a composer who played a key part in the introduction of soundtracks to video games.

These days you can have soundtracks for a book. Unbelievably, all you do is download one and listen as you read. They create moods depending on the genre. For example, a science fiction book will have a soundtrack that brings that. A good example of this is Steve Perry’s “Shadows of the Empire” which is available online.

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