Useful Tips For Buying A Massage Chair

Looking for a massage chair can be a daunting challenge. There are so many interesting features to be aware of when searching for the perfect massage recliner. This is an important investment in your longer-term health. Some people view these as luxury items but those who need consistent and reliable massage therapy find them necessities. If you are just starting out looking for chair, here are some considerations we have put together for your benefit.

1) Know Yourself: First and foremost you have to understand your needs and what results or benefits do you want from a massage chair. Do you have back problems, neck problems, poor circulation or a lower back problem? What type of massage techniques are right for you? Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Shiatsu, Swaying, etc.? Do you want a foot massage? Do you want full lower body massage capability? Also, how tall are you? Are other potential users taller or shorter than you? You will want to find a chair that fits best for those who will use it the most. Also, keep in mind that you may be very sensitive to getting massages at first, but in time you will become more used to it. If you are looking longer term, you may want a strong massage chair and use extra pads to start. You can remove the pads later for a stronger massage. First think through what your current needs are but also your longer term needs.

2) Quick Fix or Long Term Solution: Are you looking to get into a massage chair to relieve one symptom over a short time period. Maybe you want a entry level massage chair that is simple to use and lower price. Or are you looking for a longer-term solution where you expect long term performance and many advantageous features. Lower end massage chairs have short warranties and are built with lower quality components. Higher end massage chairs have longer warranties, more features and are built with higher quality components.

Features: This is a great time to be looking for a massage chair recliner. There are many new and valuable features being added to these recliners. Many now come with MP3 players, lower body stretching, air compression massage and full body heat. Think about the environment in which you will be receiving your massage as well.

Check Out Massage Chairs: The best way to research a massage chair is to actually go and try them. Go to the local mall and see if you can try a few different models. Notice the difference between the models and note any features that you like. You may want to contact the manufacturers to find local dealers in your area.

Massage Chair research: The Internet allows you to research very quickly. Do a search of your favorite brands. Find the models in your price range or with feature set that you would like. You can print out the model specifications at most Internet dealer sites.

6) Long Term Considerations: Evaluate the warranties of each manufacturer. How long is the coverage? Companies like Sanyo and Panasonic only have a 1 year warranty. Others may have 3-5 year warranties (at no additional cost). Also, what type of service will they provide if you have a problem? Do you have to ship your massage chair or take it to an authorized service center? Massage chairs weigh 100lbs to 200 lbs and shipping is expensive. Some manufacturers offer in home service. Be aware before you buy!

7) Evaluate all the Information: Weigh out the features, styling, warranty, etc for the massage chairs that you like. Also, who is going to use the massage chair? What are their weights and heights? What types of needs do they have and what features are the best to cover those who will use it? Did you get to actually try the massage chairs on your list? If you didnt, then you may find a retailer carrying that massage chair in your area. If not, some internet resellers offer a 30 day trial period. However, most will refund your money less all shipping expenses. Check around and find out.

Location of Chair: Think about where you want to put the chair. Remember that massage chairs will recline and many have leg rest which will extend out. The footprint of a typical massage chair can be significant. Some need as much as 6 to 7 feet from the wall.

Decision Time: Now that you have done your research, it is time to decide the best massage chair. Check prices at a local retailer and also on the Internet. It is important to find out the total delivered cost. Some retailers include shipping and tax. It pays to shop around a little bit to find the best deal.

Relax Time: Now comes the exciting part of finally taking delivery of your massage chair. You may want to request a white glove service where the massage chair will be set up for you. This service also removes the boxes which is a great way to go.

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