Useful Tips About Aspergers Syndrome

Parents will often identify symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome when a child starts kindergarten and begins interacting with other kids. A kid with Asperger syndrome might:

Be unable to pick up on social cues like reading another person’s body language, starting or maintaining a conversation, or how to take turns when chatting.

Dislike any change to established practices.

Not appear to show empathy.

Be unable to figure out faint differences in accent, tone or speech tones that change the meaning of speech. For example, the child may not recognize a joke, or might take cynical comments practically.

Speak in a monotone or be otherwise tough to understand because the speech lacks variation in tone, pitch, and accent.

Use a formal manner of speech that is unusual for his or her age group. For example, your child may use the word “return” rather than “come back” or the word “beckon” instead of “call”

Avoid all eye contact

Stare at things or other individuals for long periods of time.

Have odd postures, stances, or facial expressions.

Be possessively preoccupied with just one interest, to the point of near-encyclopaedia wisdom. Many children with a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome might also be excessively involved in strange behavior like designing bridges, or cataloging and arranging toys in a distinct way. They might also illustrate an very narrow interest in one or two particular topics such as dinosaurs, monster movies or robots.

Talk continually, with the majority of conversations being one-sided.

Express internal thoughts frequently.

Have delays in coordination or other motor development.

Be late in learning to make use of eating utensils, catching objects, or walking without an awkward gait.

Be prone to over-stimulation from bright lights, loud noises, large crowds, strong tastes or textures.

A child who displays one or more of the symptoms listed above may not essentially also have Asperger’s syndrome. A child must display a combination of several of the above symptoms, together with strange or severe problem in social situations so as to be diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.

Even though this condition shares some similarities with autism, children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome usually have normal intellectual development. Children with Asperger’s syndrome will typically also make more of an effort to take part in activities and interact with others than a kid with autism.

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