When you want to create a new look for your bathroom, you need to consider the costs involved. You might want to totally re-do the bathroom, from the floor up with new floor and wall tiles, a new bath and shower stall; a new vanity and new bathroom tap and rail fittings. This could end up costing quite a large sum of money, but if your budget can afford it, why not go for it.

If your budget is only modest, you can still give your bathroom a make-over, just on a smaller scale. By doing as many things as you can yourself you can still give it a new look without it costing a fortune.

To start your makeover, you can paint your bathroom walls. You’ll want to get a color that goes well with the tiles on the floor and wall. A color chart that you can easily find on the internet can help you make the decision as they show you the various colors that blend well with each other.

Now that you have painted the walls, the next consideration is the accessories. The next largest item used in the bathroom is the shower curtain, so start there. There’s a lot of choice in patterns and designs for shower curtains. You’ve got plain colors, stripes, different prints and themes. You can even get ones with your own personal photos printed on them to make them totally unique and give a personal touch to your bathroom.

For your bath towels you could pick a color from the shower curtain or walls and get towels in that color, or you might prefer to go with plain white. Thick white fluffy towels give a feeling of luxury in a bathroom, and white goes with just about every color.

For the floor mat, you want to select something that’s made from a fabric that will dry out quickly and that will also blend in well with the other colors used in the bathroom.

Accessories like tissue box holders and soap dispensers can also be bought to match either the color scheme or the shower curtain. Many shower curtains now come available with accessories that match the print on the curtain so you can create a particular theme in your bathroom.

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