Use NordicTrack ACT And Reach Your Fitness Goals

In the world today people are trying to be healthier. Eating nutritious healthy foods and all looking for the panacea of fitness equipment. Everyone has different levels of fitness and different requirements. The NordicTrack ACT elliptical could be the one that will meet all your needs.

Some of the equipment for use in the home has not been well constructed and it is does not run very effectively. Once you have tried the NordicTrack you find that this is not so. It is very smooth and built very well and it is said to be the same quality as the elliptical machines in gyms but at a much more reasonable cost. Some of the features will certainly impress you.

This unit features a center wheel drive as opposed to the rear drive common in others. Because of this the machine takes up only about forty-seven inches on the floor. The center wheel allows you to maintain an upright pose that offers added comfort while you work out. Trainers report that since you are upright you are not leaning on the handrails as much so the intensity level is increased during your workout, which increases the calories you burn.

There are adjustable stride lengths that you can choose from. The lengths are from 18 to 22 and offer you the opportunity of working different muscles by modifying the lengths and increasing the level of the results achieved. The longest stride, which is 22 inches, is perfect for those who are tall, as this will give them the greatest benefit.

Active workouts are also available on this unit. There are iFit cards with a variety of workouts plus instructions that last for many weeks. The variety of levels can offer you a variety of resistance levels to use as you improve. The unit will always remember the spot you stopped so you can concentrate on your workout. When you return to the unit it will begin where you left off.

For your enjoyment the manufacturer has added an iPod port. You are able to plug your iPod or MP3 into a jack and listen to all your music through the built in speakers. Music always adds energy to a workout.

Other features include sensors to monitor your heart rate built into the handholds. With this sensor you are able to know when your training is not within your target zone. There is a fun display console where an animated figure works out with you. You will always have water at hand since there is a water bottle holder. The machine has a warranty for life on the frame and a one-year warranty on the parts and labor. This unit may certainly meet your fitness needs.

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