Use Accessories In Home Design To Personalize The Space

If you have spent a lot of time designing each and every room of your home, at some point you may run out of inspiration. Most people are stuck with one room that is design neglected. It may serve as a storage space instead of additional space for living. While it can be costly to completely renovate a room, or even fully furnish and accessorize it, the process spending a lot of money. The trick is to add accessories that reflect your personality. The best starting place is with the artwork. Choose just a few simple pieces that really stand out and make a statement. You can highlight the pieces of art with a battery picture lights. A battery picture light will add illumination to the room but it will shine a spotlight on the special art pieces you have included in the space, making it stand out from the rest of the room.

In many cases, art can be the starting point for the room inspiration. If you have a favorite piece, build the room around the feel of the art. Choosing items that work well with your favorite pieces of art is a great way to ensure you will love the space when it is completed.

Once your artwork is chosen, add even more color to a space with fabrics and textiles. Often, the paint, flooring and furniture will drive your color choices in many cases. However, if your large pieces are neutral, you will have plenty of color options. Soften the space with accents of color in fabrics and textiles.

This way people will want to come into the room, sit, relax, and enjoy the area. Use the natural lighting to drive your accent color options. Brighter spaces can usually handle deep, rich tones, but you may want to stick to lighter, brighter colors in spaces with fewer windows.

Finally, keep the space focused. When a room is secondary, it may revert to a catch all room, losing its focus. If you want to use your newly designed space to watch television, center the furniture around the TV and be sure there is no glare on the set. If the room is meant for relaxing and reading, leave the television elsewhere and bring in books, shelves, and cozy accessories that welcome people to the space.

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