Use A Rowing Machine Exercie Routine To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

Everybody wants to know if there is a rowing machine exercise they can do to accelerate their exercise goals. I think the fact that the rowing machine has been around for so long should answer the question of its viability as a means to supplement a well-rounded exercise program. Any rowing machine exercise can be used as a warm-up, the main focus or even for a cool down. Your goals will determine when you use the rowing machine and how hard you use the rowing machine.

If you are going to use the rowing machine exercise as a warm up then you should plan on only rowing for 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the type of machine you are using and whether or not it is adjustable you should use the rowing machine on the easiest level. This will warm up your muscles and reduce the risk of injury. If you go to strong with this rowing machine exercise at the start of your program then you not only risk injury but also you will reduce the effectiveness of the rest of your workout. Pay attention to your body and how it reacts to this new form of stimulus.

Now lets use the rowing machine exercise as the main focus of our daily routine. It is still important to warm up properly by either riding the stationary bike or some other form of warm up exercise. What we are trying to accomplish with this routine is maximum intensity in the minimum amount of time. We are striving to build up to 95% intensity and maintain that intensity level for as long as possible. At first yo may find that you can only hold this level for one to two minutes. That is alright as long as you feel comfortable and don’t push yourself to the point where you will injure yourself. With each successive workout try and increase the duration of your maximum level by at least 2 minutes. There will come a point where you will be able to sustain 95% effort for 20 minutes or more. It all depends on your level of fitness and your tolerance to pain. Do the best that you can and don’t give up.

The Cool Down The cool down period is simply that, you are going to use the rowing machine exercise as a chance to allow your body to cool down both literally and figuratively. You must use a cool down period to slow your heart rate and to allow your fatigued muscles the chance to disperse the elevated glycogen levels that have accumulated in your body. This will aid you tremendously in achieving your workout goals so don’t neglect the cool down period.

Rowing machine exercise is a great way to get strong, fit and super lean. If you stick with it and constantly change your routine you will notice muscles that you never thought you had. You will increase your endurance and look like a million bucks.

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